Author: Jessica

An early dinner at Quincy Street Bistro

Everytime we drove by Quincy Street Bistro, it looked packed and since the parking was inconvenient, we passed. Last night, famished from starting the day early and skipping lunch, we ventured in right before the dinner crowd. The interior is adorable, and feels super-clean; the atmosphere feels more “Clayton” than “South City”.  It’s two stories, with the upstairs giving more of a restaurant feel and downstairs is the upscale bar area, although there are big screen televisions upstairs as well for the true sports fanatic. It feels like a mix of upscale sports bar and family owned bistro. I was really surprised to find this style in South City. Apparently they are kid-friendly, and there was a family with children also having an early dinner. We ate upstairs in the restaurant area, which still felt “new”. It would be nice to see some noise-absorbing art on the walls– there was a slight echo in the room and you could tell the place as been recently renovated and remodeled. I could see how after dark, with less natural light coming in, that you could have a really romantic dinner here. I felt slightly under-dressed in my super casual jeans and tennis shoes- there were alot of business-dressed people here. You could probably dress up or down and feel comfortable. We started off with the flash fried spinach, and weren’t expecting such a huge portion for...

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Cicero’s on the Delmar Loop

This was the first place I’ve ever checked into on FourSquare! Last night, I was in the mood for casual dining and pizza. One of my friends suggested Cicero’s on the Delmar Loop, and I was glad I went! I’m not a beer drinker, but this place is known for their large beer selection and knowledgable staff. They have something called “Beer School”, which looks intriguing. Also, they have concerts and live entertainment, which I hope to experience on future visits. Service was attentive, personable, but not obnoxious. I got the fried artichoke hearts, which was meant to be split with my friend… but I ended up eating most of them. Needless to say, they were perfectly done. Ordered the thin crust “Hawaii Five-O” but substituted bacon for ham (which the staff was totally willing to do, even though the menu says no substitutions on specialty pizzas). It hit the spot! I have a hard time reviewing pizza, because usually when I’m in the mood for it, I’m not in a terribly picky mood. As others have said in other reviews, the food is “solid”. Atmosphere is great if you’re in a casual bar type mood, but a little loud and busy if you’re on a romantic date or trying to have a serious conversation. The biggest drawback to Cicero’s, like all the venues on the Delmar Loop, is...

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Sweet Tomatoes on Watson Road – March 22 – More than just a salad bar!

This is a salad bar style casual restaurant and great for when two people can’t decide on what to eat except that it needs to be with the goal of eating healthy… although with the tempting focaccia and desserts, you could easily consume alot of calories! You start out with a plate at the salad bar, and hopefully you aren’t in line behind rowdy children. If you’re just dropping in and have never been there before, it’s not clear until the end of the line after you pay that there’s also a hot bar with pastas, soups, breads, and also a dessert bar. The soup bar is excellent.  All the soups I’ve tasted here had plenty of flavor and left me wanting more…so I did…have more. The mac’n’cheese is also notable, and you can add even more cheese to it from the hot potato section. Lots of choices beyond the salad bar! The food is well tended, and the place feels really clean. Lots of seating, and even at dinner hour, it is possible to find a seat away from loud families and groups. If you’re wanting to have a quiet or business conversation, the noise level at dinner is probably a little too loud. Plates are cleared off the table promptly, and the minimal service is efficient. I was really impressed with their cleanliness, considering the quantity of food,...

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My 1 Hour Massage at Peking Reflexology Foot Massage

Today I went to Peking Reflexology Foot Massage on 14372 Manchester Rd in Manchester/Ballwin MO (St. Louis). This was quite possibly the best massage I’ve ever had. After every massage I think that, though, especially since several months often go by between such treats. However, Peking Reflexology Foot Massage was such a great experience and value, that I will probably go back in a few weeks rather than months. My girlfriend had been dying to try it, because of the sign outside saying “$20 for 30 minute foot massage”…  but you never know with small “hole in the wall” type places, especially alone. We impulsively checked it out today, and were so glad that we did! We walked in, during the middle of the day, and they weren’t busy (although they do accept appointments)! The only up-selling was the price sheet and tranquil atmosphere, which encouraged us to pay an extra fifteen bucks for a full hour, full body, reflexology session. As far as decor and atmosphere goes, this place did more with less than so-called “better spas” which end up making you feel like you’re getting treated in a hospital; this was more like if you could escape to San Francisco, and with the gentle Asian music and soft lighting, the cars rushing by on Manchester sounded like the ocean. The temperature, smells, ambient music, and over all...

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Lunch at Sybergs on Gravois

Sybergs on Gravois, St. Louis MO Today I had lunch at Sybergs on Gravois, between Heege and DesPeres roads. Parking was closeby and safe. Not much to say for the atmosphere- it was adequate for lunch, and would probably be a good place to eat dinner at if you were alone (in other words, not romantic or conductive to quiet conversations). It seems to be a “guys hangout” type of place, and the chick to dick ratio was really low, even during the day. The menu is comprehensive and offers a good balance of heavier foods and healthy fare. I’ve heard their pizza is especially delicious. You could take a picky eater here. Despite the place appearing quite busy, my food came out quick and service was personable and attentive without being obnoxious. I had the Syberg’s Chicken Wrap, which was delicious. I can’t say anything for the quantity of food, since I’ve never been the type to eat large portions, but despite having skipped breakfast and being unusually hungry, I still left food on my plate. I’d recommend this place for a quick, casual, lunch. Syberg’s Website Review: Their website, is well integrated with social media and makes them easy to find on FaceBook and Twitter. It loads in my Android-based smart phone, but isn’t optimized for cell phone access. The menus are in PDF format, which doesn’t...

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