If you like China King, you’re going to love China Garden. Or if you like China Queen, China Prince, etcetera 🙂

For cheap Chinese food, this was pretty darn good. Huge portions and not too greasy, and the only reason I was really tired after eating is that I ate too much and was tired anyway.

When they say that it’s hot or spicy, it really is. The Kung Pao chicken was really flavorful and the broccoli that came with it was fresh and not wilting or overcooked. I also really liked the crab rangoon, it was really well done and one of the few times I’ve actually eaten all of the crunchy fried wrapper. I’m not a big egg-roll fan, but because they don’t over-do the frying, it was really light and tasty.

When you’re ordering at any cashier’s stand, there’s not really too much that service can screw up, but it was extra nice that their staff spoke fluent English.

Did I say that the place seemed extra clean? Maybe it’s because they’re new, but it felt almost sterile. Not much else they could have improved the interior and still stayed cheap and affordable.

This place is really easy to get in and out of, and on a rainy day would totally be do-able, because parking is conveniently in front.

For what it is, cheap food for when you’re hungry and wanting a step above fast food, this place was great. I will definitely be back.

PS- I could not find that they have a website 🙁