This was the first place I’ve ever checked into on FourSquare!

Last night, I was in the mood for casual dining and pizza. One of my friends suggested Cicero’s on the Delmar Loop, and I was glad I went!

I’m not a beer drinker, but this place is known for their large beer selection and knowledgable staff. They have something called “Beer School”, which looks intriguing. Also, they have concerts and live entertainment, which I hope to experience on future visits.

Service was attentive, personable, but not obnoxious.

I got the fried artichoke hearts, which was meant to be split with my friend… but I ended up eating most of them. Needless to say, they were perfectly done.

Ordered the thin crust “Hawaii Five-O” but substituted bacon for ham (which the staff was totally willing to do, even though the menu says no substitutions on specialty pizzas). It hit the spot!

I have a hard time reviewing pizza, because usually when I’m in the mood for it, I’m not in a terribly picky mood.

As others have said in other reviews, the food is “solid”. Atmosphere is great if you’re in a casual bar type mood, but a little loud and busy if you’re on a romantic date or trying to have a serious conversation.

The biggest drawback to Cicero’s, like all the venues on the Delmar Loop, is the parking. If you’re lucky, you might find a spot in the back lot behind Cicero’s, but otherwise you’ll have to walk– and the neighborhood has a sketchy feel compared to the aeseptic suburbs. For that reason alone, I would hesitate to come here as a single woman after dark unless I had friends to walk me to and from my car.

I would probably feel comfortable dining at this place as a single chick – the chick to dick ratio seemed pretty even (though slightly more single men than women) and the staff was incredibly cool. It appears as if there’s a wide mix of everyone from younger college students to yuppies and hipsters to older folks. Cicero’s would be a good place to have a casual girls’ night or to hang with you boyfriend’s friends.

Website: –┬áTheir website is really easy to navigate! It’s informative and you should have a really good idea of what you want to order and what’s happening if you look at their site before you go there. I really like that their complete menu is online, with the sections clickable so you aren’t overwhelmed with all their huge selection on one page. The calendar of upcoming events is super smooth and easy to figure out. Their whole site is very user friendly. is well integrated with social media, and they appear to engage on Twitter and FaceBook. The only question I have, is why is their blog on a subdomain, and not a subdomain of ? They have a small PayPal store integrated into their site, I wonder why not their blog. That being said, their blog is well done, and they even got their custom favicon on it.

This is still one of the best restaurant sites I’ve seen, so far.