If you’re using a GPS that tells you only 20 feet in advance of your destination as I do (and GPSs never tell you the parking lot entrance location), be careful of the dry cleaner’s drive through pickup which exits next door to this place! Adrenaline from a near hit aside, parking behind the Culpepper’s on Kirkwood Rd. was easy.

What is good service when all the service I’ve received since moving to St. Louis is amazing (especially compared to other places I’ve lived and visited)?? We paid with a gift certificate, and I was extra impressed that the waitress applied a coupon so that we paid even less and it rounded to the number on the gift card.

The food was equivalent to Applebe’s, which is still okay, but we were expecting something less chain-like. Maybe the friend who recommended the place was drunk or high (very possible), or maybe we just have different tastes (also very possible). Maybe steak isn’t their forte. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. I liked the salad. I think they are “known” for their wings (which I didn’t know before going). The funnel cake fries sated my sweet tooth, I may have been in a dessert mood.

Atmosphere was okay, and like the food, unremarkable. I actually prefer Applebe’s ambience (I hate to keep comparing them to Applebe’s, but they seem like a local-made clone). There were alot of families with small children dining; maybe Kirkwood is a family town, or maybe Monday nights are big family dinner times. Either way, if you don’t like children, there are places with a higher average age to eat at 5ish, and hopefully not as many children later at night.

I was glad to be spending a friend’s gift certificate and not my own money.


Culpeppers.com – Their site as of this writing appeared to lack meta-tags. This means that it’s not very search engine optimized, and the first wording on their site about their loyalty program comes up when you search for them instead of their website’s description.

Their site is graphic intensive, although the images do load so fast I almost didn’t notice on a cable connection. I haven’t tried accessing it from my cell phone, but this generally wouldn’t be a good idea because the images would be shrunk accordingly and the text would be hard to read. Images appeared to lack alt-tags and descriptions, details which would make them easier for search engines to find.

I didn’t like that the menu was also written on a single picture jpg, although slightly better than a pdf! I have a 13 inch computer screen, and could not read the text on any of the menu pages.

Maybe SEO and mobile access isn’t a very big priority for Culpepper’s marketing team..

This site’s main good point was that it’s easy to navigate and graphically well designed. I also really liked the food photography.┬áThe fav-icon made it stand out amongst the zillion tabs open in Google Chrome.

Their FaceBook page appears to stay updated with specials and events.