Sybergs on Gravois, St. Louis MO

Today I had lunch at Sybergs on Gravois, between Heege and DesPeres roads. Parking was closeby and safe.

Not much to say for the atmosphere- it was adequate for lunch, and would probably be a good place to eat dinner at if you were alone (in other words, not romantic or conductive to quiet conversations). It seems to be a “guys hangout” type of place, and the chick to dick ratio was really low, even during the day.

The menu is comprehensive and offers a good balance of heavier foods and healthy fare. I’ve heard their pizza is especially delicious. You could take a picky eater here.

Despite the place appearing quite busy, my food came out quick and service was personable and attentive without being obnoxious. I had the Syberg’s Chicken Wrap, which was delicious. I can’t say anything for the quantity of food, since I’ve never been the type to eat large portions, but despite having skipped breakfast and being unusually hungry, I still left food on my plate.

I’d recommend this place for a quick, casual, lunch.

Syberg’s Website Review:

Their website, is well integrated with social media and makes them easy to find on FaceBook and Twitter. It loads in my Android-based smart phone, but isn’t optimized for cell phone access. The menus are in PDF format, which doesn’t load well on cell phones, and I personally don’t like downloading anything when I’m just looking for information. When I accessed their site (at about noon on March 28), they didn’t appear to have meta-tags in their header, no fav-icon (which would load a logo in FireFox and Chrome browsers), nor any stats counter. Alot of little details were missed on this site, and I get the impression that it was created a little sloppily or in haste.