Today I went to Peking Reflexology Foot Massage on 14372 Manchester Rd in Manchester/Ballwin MO (St. Louis).

This was quite possibly the best massage I’ve ever had. After every massage I think that, though, especially since several months often go by between such treats.

However, Peking Reflexology Foot Massage was such a great experience and value, that I will probably go back in a few weeks rather than months.

My girlfriend had been dying to try it, because of the sign outside saying “$20 for 30 minute foot massage”…  but you never know with small “hole in the wall” type places, especially alone. We impulsively checked it out today, and were so glad that we did!

We walked in, during the middle of the day, and they weren’t busy (although they do accept appointments)! The only up-selling was the price sheet and tranquil atmosphere, which encouraged us to pay an extra fifteen bucks for a full hour, full body, reflexology session.

As far as decor and atmosphere goes, this place did more with less than so-called “better spas” which end up making you feel like you’re getting treated in a hospital; this was more like if you could escape to San Francisco, and with the gentle Asian music and soft lighting, the cars rushing by on Manchester sounded like the ocean. The temperature, smells, ambient music, and over all ambiance were perfect.

The man and woman who massaged us appeared to be husband and wife, and were dressed in matching red scrubs and extremely polite and professional, even though we couldn’t really understand them thru their thick accents.

Since we both thought we were just getting a casual reflexology and foot massage session, we didn’t undress. I guess you could have?  That was unclear. We were kept covered in towels as if we had done it sans-clothing. The massage chairs were comfortable and close so if we’d wanted to talk to each other or hold hands, we could have (I kept thinking how romantic this would be for a couples’s massage with my boyfriend).

My body turned over to the man, I think his name was Gao, I immersed myself. The touch was the perfect amount of pressure, and he seemed to intuitively sense that my left side is more sensitive than my right. It was just amazing how he picked up on my body’s cues and put the right pressure and concentration in the right places. My friend had a similar experience with the woman massaging her.

The hour was too soon up. They helped us back in our shoes and coats, and we paid. I tipped $10, and would have tipped more if I’d had it, because I’ve paid more at chain places with sterile atmospheres and considerably less skilled professionals. I have absolutely no complaints, and would expect to pay more for the quality I received. $35 for one full hour is a deal.

I’d highly recommend Peking Reflexology Foot Massage to single women, people on budgets, and couples.

Website: Unfortunately, Peking Reflexology Foot Massage on Manchester Rd. in St. Louis doesn’t appear to have a website.