Everytime we drove by Quincy Street Bistro, it looked packed and since the parking was inconvenient, we passed. Last night, famished from starting the day early and skipping lunch, we ventured in right before the dinner crowd.

The interior is adorable, and feels super-clean; the atmosphere feels more “Clayton” than “South City”.  It’s two stories, with the upstairs giving more of a restaurant feel and downstairs is the upscale bar area, although there are big screen televisions upstairs as well for the true sports fanatic. It feels like a mix of upscale sports bar and family owned bistro. I was really surprised to find this style in South City. Apparently they are kid-friendly, and there was a family with children also having an early dinner.

We ate upstairs in the restaurant area, which still felt “new”. It would be nice to see some noise-absorbing art on the walls– there was a slight echo in the room and you could tell the place as been recently renovated and remodeled. I could see how after dark, with less natural light coming in, that you could have a really romantic dinner here. I felt slightly under-dressed in my super casual jeans and tennis shoes- there were alot of business-dressed people here. You could probably dress up or down and feel comfortable.

We started off with the flash fried spinach, and weren’t expecting such a huge portion for the size. It was seasoned with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice, with a little bit of parmesan. Really REALLY good. I would stop by here just for a snack of their flash fried spinach!

For the main course I got the chicken caprese sandwich and house fries, and my boyfriend got the chicken friend steak and mashed potatoes. Maybe it was coincidental, or maybe I was just in the mood for fried food, but their seasoned house fries were delicious, and I wish I’d ordered my boyfriend’s steak. The chicken caprese sandwich was really good – but they should have balanced the delicate sauce and flavors out with lighter bread rather than putting it on a bun. I wish I’d been with a larger group so I could have sampled more of the menu- it all looked delicious.

It was less expensive than a similar type restaurant that you’d find in higher rent, trendier, districts. The price felt about right, and definitely nothing to dissuade me from coming back!

We didn’t drink, so didn’t pay attention to the alcohol selection.

Service was impeccable. I keep getting great service here in St. Louis and it’s totally raising the bar!

I would take business colleagues and out of town family here without hesitation. This is one of those places that really shows off St. Louis, and one of the few “nicer” venues in this part of South St. Louis. I’d also go here if I was feeling someone out or if I knew them pretty well… there are other places with more overt romantic atmospheres if you want to lay it on thick. I didn’t get a feel for the “chick to dick” ratio, so hard to judge this place as a social spot.

My only complaint about the Quincy Street Bistro is the street parking. We were lucky and got a spot right in front.  The neighborhood feels safe, so as a single woman I wouldn’t mind parking across the street at the brightly lit gas station and walking. It would be nice if they had a valet option.

Unfortunately, there’s no website for Quincy Street Bistro. I’d love to see their menu online and keep up with their specials and hours. Apparently, they just opened in February, so are probably still settling in and figuring out what works… and they’re totally on the right path!