This is a salad bar style casual restaurant and great for when two people can’t decide on what to eat except that it needs to be with the goal of eating healthy… although with the tempting focaccia and desserts, you could easily consume alot of calories!

You start out with a plate at the salad bar, and hopefully you aren’t in line behind rowdy children. If you’re just dropping in and have never been there before, it’s not clear until the end of the line after you pay that there’s also a hot bar with pastas, soups, breads, and also a dessert bar.

The soup bar is excellent.  All the soups I’ve tasted here had plenty of flavor and left me wanting more…so I did…have more. The mac’n’cheese is also notable, and you can add even more cheese to it from the hot potato section. Lots of choices beyond the salad bar!

The food is well tended, and the place feels really clean. Lots of seating, and even at dinner hour, it is possible to find a seat away from loud families and groups. If you’re wanting to have a quiet or business conversation, the noise level at dinner is probably a little too loud.

Plates are cleared off the table promptly, and the minimal service is efficient. I was really impressed with their cleanliness, considering the quantity of food, large dining area, and variety of other diners (everyone from families, elderly and disabled, single people, couple, teenagers…).

Because it’s busy, but staff and other diners leave you alone, this would be a comfortable place for a woman to eat alone at. Like most other suburban places, parking is safe and out in front of the building.

I am guessing that their locations across the country are all pretty similar and consistent, and if this is true, it would be a good place to try when going out of town and wanting a predictably satisfying experience.

Website: – Their site is a corporate one which is really easy to navigate, whether you’re looking for their menu or the nearest location to you. I really like that it’s super-easy to find the nutritional value of all their menu items, so if you’re on any type of diet, you can easily plan your meal or keep track of what you consumed.

Sweet Tomato’s Blog, Twitter, and Facebook are all kept updated. I really like that they engage and participate with people on Twitter.